Political Update

New York State Neurosurgical Society (NYSNS) 

June 2019

Our efforts remain with both political parties, at the State and Federal level, but in New York, which is entirely Democratic, our efforts are obviously much more with the Democrats. The Democrats have themselves become divided into the “moderate Democrats” and the “progressive Democrats”. We are trying to get in front of different legislators and regulators to advocate for our issues.
It has also been our general sense that the fate of neurosurgeons is in many ways intertwined, and that a healthy private practice environment will strengthen the bargaining power of the hospital employed physicians, and vice versa.

One issue we continue to discuss is the Integrity of the FAIRHEALTH database, the database created by Governor Cuomo when he was Attorney General that is now regarded as the standard database for Usual and Customary Rates (UCR) for physicians nationwide. There have been times in the past few years when the data methods were deliberately changed to artificially lower the rates  -- and then reset after we contested the changes. Recall also that several board members of FAIRHEALTH are former health insurance company executives. We have fought back on these efforts, and continue to do so. Though FAIRHEALTH is a national organization, it was created in New York and is based in New York, so the New York legislators and regulators have a real ability to keep them honest.







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